When is GHS Required?

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      Mike Wilson

      In our attempt to implement the GHS standards we have found that it is really a great program that makes it easy to convey information. That being said, it isn’t entirely clear if GHS is required, and if so, when it is required. In the name it says it is a ‘global’ program, but each country is going to have a different set of regulations, right? Does it make a difference if a chemical is being shipped across international lines? What about if it is staying within just one country?

      Basically, we’re just looking for additional information focused specifically on when we are legally required to use GHS, and how it should be implemented.

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      Tony Ferraro

      To my understanding, GHS is not a regulation but simply an established and agreed upon hazard classification and communication system. GHS was originally developed in the United Nations and even though all countries are not obligated to follow or adopt the system, it is basically an attempt to create some sort of cohesive understanding/identification system regarding chemical safety.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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