What are GHS Signal Words?

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      Mike Wilson

      It seems that there is a lot more to the GHS concept that we had originally assumed. We’ve been using the GHS pictograms for a while now but are now learning about GHS signal words. What exactly are these, and how should they be used? Are they ever required, or are they an optional addition to an overall GHS strategy?

      Even if they aren’t required by governmental regulations, are they used as part of best practices? Any advice, or references to documentation, would be appreciated.

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      Tony Ferraro

      There are two signal words that are incorporated in the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), they are danger and warning. Danger is used for more severe hazards and warning is used when identifying hazards that are less severe. It is generally understood that there should only be one signal word used per label despite how may hazards are the chemical presents. These signals alert the reader of the label regarding the potential hazard level of the contents. Signal words have become a requirement in the GHS labeling system.

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